So, my first client is my old boss, Elliott Shore. I am grateful and privileged to have the opportunity to continue to deliver value to the Association of Research Libraries (ARL).

Since the beginning of the year, I have been working on two projects for ARL as a consultant: the Library Assessment Conference that my old colleague, Sue Baughman co-chairs now with Steve Hiller from the U of Washington continuing in that role, and an effort to provide advise and guidance to the IPEDS Academic Library (AL) Component regarding definitions for the national data collection and the variables included in there in collaboration with ARL and ACRL.

I also continue to contribute as a volunteer on a couple of other ARL projects — mostly writing and editing. These include finishing the proceedings of the 2014 Library Assessment Conference as well as a couple of papers in that volume where I was a co-author, two chapters in a forthcoming book on ClimateQUAL edited by Charles Lowry, former ARL Executive Director, and an upcoming piece for a Research Library Issues featuring two articles presented at the 2014 Library Assessment Conference.

So, you will probably see more written pieces and research from me extending the good work of 22 years at ARL into the future as other duties and time permit.

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