What still needs to be done?

LibQUAL+ has been applied by far in the largest number of institutions and settings compared to both TechQUAL+ and MISO. TechQUAL+ and MISO have also leveraged qualitative and quantitative methods but there is one area of work that still needs to take place — published research on validity and reliability indicators with a shared understanding of the psychometric properties of measuring service quality in the IT environment. We need to understand the dimensions and the concepts that comprise service quality in technology intense operations and use that knowledge for improving both in person and virtual services. Furthermore this work needs to take place in a way that is scalable across different settings, contexts, institutions, and countries.  Commercial services are capitalizing on the ability to understand and leverage this information and university, libraries and IT services need to do the same. This is partly driven by the fact that there is a basic core of services that are similar to students or faculty across the globe grant it that there will always be unique local circumstances as well that will need to be addressed with sensitivity to context and flexibility in our evaluation protocols. The opportunity to leverage the work done in the development of these tools in understanding the mental models that define quality in the digital environment offers exciting possibilities.  Clearly, the Information Control dimension of LibQUAL+ directly links to elements of IT service delivery, formative work on the DigiQUAL and eQUAL protocols help us understand important aspects, and the deep experience gained from the TechQUAL+ and MISO efforts are useful in augmenting our understanding of what quality service might look like for digital libraries in a way that can lead to actionable service improvements and an online experience that is fun and productive for students and faculty.

Hope our understanding of the psychographic dimensions of digital library service quality will expand in future years!

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