is available to work with you and delve into your issues and make your organization a better place!

So, yes, it’s true I am living the unbundled lifestyle aiming to make a living from consulting, while teaching and doing research at Kent State University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  After 22 years at the Association of Research Libraries, I seek meaningful opportunities to work with your libraries on a retainer consulting service arrangement. My project management expertise and data analysis skills are well known and highly respected.  My passion for building a climate of comity and of community is at your service.

As an independent consultant my goal is to continue to bring to the library community the best, up to date and innovative ideas on strategy, assessment, data management, research and development. My goal also includes to build stronger bridges to the wider spectrum of cultural heritage organizations that includes galleries, museums and archives in addition to libraries and educational institutions, non-profit, mission driven enterprises and associations, government agencies at the federal and state level, and socially responsible, sustainable for-profit enterprises.

I have learned over the years so much from mentors that cover the spectrum of the social sciences, from statistics to  business marketing fields and I am grateful for all the seeds of knowledge and wisdom I have gained from them. I hope to give back to the larger social enterprise as QualityMetrics LLC. QualityMetrics LLC is a business in a definition stage right now and open to the experiences and ideas and pragmatism of the day. If you want to explore new opportunities and approaches, let’s have a conversation. We live at a time of unprecedented change — let’s chart our future together with radical listening, vision and optimism now.